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MMS - Reset to DHCP

Updated: 11/14/2014
Products: MMS-2, MMS-5A 

If you have set up the MMS for a static IP address and can no longer connect to the configuration web page, you can use this utility to change the LAN settings from a static IP (manual configuration) back to DHCP. 

- Download and save this file:

- Place the file in the root directory of a name brand USB thumb drive.

- Insert the USB thumb drive into the front panel of the MMS.

- Wait for 30 seconds while the MMS runs the application, then remove the thumb drive.

You can now determine the new IP address of the MMS by (1) using the DealerZone, (2) using the remote syncronization application, or (3) checking the DHCP client table on the DHCP Server (usually the local network router).