MMS - Firmware update

In order to apply a Firmware update (including a hotfix) to the MMS, you may either

(1) Log in to the DealerZone and search for your device.  If online and running a supported firmware, you will be able to update the firmware online.  Expand the device arrow and select "Manage"->"Update Firmware"

(2) If you have a computer on the same network as the MMS, you may use a telnet client such as Windows Telnet. 

For Windows Telnet:

1. Open a command prompt.  

2. In the command window that appears, enter telnet <server-ip> <port> where <server-ip> is the IP address of the server and <port> is the target port (usually Port 23) and hit Enter. For example, telnet 23

3. If telnet is not available, see this article on how to enable it

4. You will see the Autonomic Controls banner displaying the firmware version.  Press enter.

5. To update to the latest release type "autoupdate".  To update to a hotfix as instructed by support, type "autoupdate hotfix" and hit Enter. 

6. You should see the update process begin with a download of the firmware.

7. Once the firmware is downloaded, the install process will begin.

8. The system will restart and you will lose connection to the server

9. The system should restart and become available again after 3-5 minutes.

10. Depending on the MMS system you have, you may hear a BEEP when the server reboots. 

11. Once the device has rebooted completely, navigate to the configuration web interface and check the firmware version to ensure the update completed successfully. 

For Mac, open the Terminal application, and follow the same steps as Windows starting at step 2 (skipping step 3).

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