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Airplay Tips

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Last updated: 17 Nov, 2014
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Posted: 14 Nov, 2014
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Updated: 17 Nov, 2014
by Narciso S.

High quality lossless audio transfer requires a network with sufficient bandwidth and low latency.  In order to have the best possible experience using the Airplay feature, a well performing Wi-Fi network is essential.  

If the response times on the network are greater than 10ms, or highly variable, you may experience disruption in audio, usually in the form of audible gaps in playback and/or audio crackling.   

To test the condition of the wireless network, begin by testing the ability of any wireless device to reach the router. If a laptop is available, open a command prompt or terminal window and attempt to ping the router. In order to help avoid interferece or wireless range limitations, start by testing the wireless device as close as possible to the wireless router.

If a laptop is not available, you can attempt to ping an iOS device from a wired computer and again check for responsiveness.

You may also attempt to AirPlay directly from iTunes of a wired computer in order to test for any sound trouble.

If you have found the symptoms described above when using Airplay, there are a few available options.

Some routers may be have advanced setup options to allow changes to upload speed and range. If the router is not performing well, it may need to be replaced, firmware updated or moved to a more central location. In cases where range is an issue, a wireless extender or signal booster may help.

Note: MMS Firmware version 1.51 and higher has an additional feature for setting the buffer size available on Airplay streaming higher than the default 2 seconds.  

Below are some additional tips for better Airplay connectivity:

• Upgrade your Apple device to the latest iOS version.
• Minimize the number of apps that are running on your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad.
• Minimize the number of Wi-Fi devices on the network.
• Multiple simultaneous activities over wifi in the household (web browsing, file downloads, movie streaming, etc.) can effect AirPlay audio streaming performance.
• If the router offers “Auto Channel Scan” option, enable it. This minimizes Wi-Fi connectivity interference when there are multiple Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity.
• If you are using AirPort Extreme, make sure “802.11n (802.11b/g compatible)” is selected for Radio Mode. Do not select options with “802.11n only”.
• AirPlay performance can be affected if the Apple device is shielded by metallic material.  Take off any protective metal case from the Apple device. 
• If the router offers “Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling (WISH)” option or “Quality of Service (QoS)” option, consider configuring these to improve AirPlay streaming performance.
• If the Bluetooth feature of any device in the vicinity is on, turn it off. 
• Check the firmware version of your router. Please contact your router supplier to upgrade the latest firmware version.

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