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Locating Autonomic devices on the network

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Last updated: 16 Feb, 2016
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Posted: 07 Nov, 2014
by Simon J.
Updated: 16 Feb, 2016
by Narciso S.

Updated: 11/1/2013
Category: Mirage Media Server
Products: Mirage Media Servers MMS-2, MMS-2A, MMS-5, MMS-5A 

Occasionally, an MMS needs to be located on a network either because it was just taken out of the box or because it was just reset to DHCP. Our DealerZone website can assist in this process if viewed from the same network as the MMS. Access the DealerZone at, then select Device Manager. A list of MMSs associated with your company will be listed. Below that, any MMSs that are on the same network as your computer will be listed.

We also have a Windows application that will discovery all MMS products that are on the same network as the discovering computer. Please find that tool here

If you don't have DealerZone access, there are many IP scanners that will work to discover our products. A good computer based cross-platform scanner is Angry IP Scanner. It relies on Java. Find it at A good mobile device IP scanner is Fing. Search for it in your device's app store. MMS devices have ports 23, 80, 5004, 5005, and 5006 open while Mirage Amplifiers have ports 80 and 17037 open.


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