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List of Supported USB DACs

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Last updated: 18 Jan, 2017
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Posted: 13 May, 2014
by Narciso S.
Updated: 18 Jan, 2017
by Narciso S.

The following is a list of DACs which we believe (but do not guarantee) will operate with current MMS systems.  Many DACs which are not on this list will likely also work, especially if they are Plug and Play DACs (no special software driver required).

Supported DACs
Image Vendor Product Description Webpage Comments
0644 8038 Teac USB DAC
08bb 2704 Peachtree Audio iDecco
17AE 0005 NAD M51 DAC
1852 7022 Peachtree Audio DAC-iT USB DAC
1e8c 0002 dCS Debussy DAC
21b4 0260 Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB
2349 03e8 McIntosh C48/C50 Preamp Be sure to update Preamp FW to 2.0 or greater
2616 0101 PS Audio Perfectwave
2616 0102 PS Audio Perfectwave
2673 0121 Wadia 121Decoding Computer
270a 0002 CIAudio Transient MKII

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