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SiriusXM Internet Radio

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Last updated: 04 Nov, 2013
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Posted: 04 Nov, 2013
by LaBollita J.
Updated: 04 Nov, 2013
by LaBollita J.

Updated: 11/4/2013
Category: Mirage Media Server
Products: Mirage Media Servers MMS-2, MMS-2A, MMS-5, MMS-5A 

Configuration of streaming music services is accomplished on the Content tab of the remote

configuration utility in your web browser.

It is important to remember to press the Save button at the top of this tab after you are finished

making any changes to this page. If you navigate away from this page without pressing Save,

your changes will be lost.

Your Mirage Media Server can access your SiriusXM Radio subscription through your Internet

connection eliminating the need for an external antenna or line of sight access to their

satellite transmitters.

While a single SiriusXM account can be used on any of the multiple MMS outputs, SiriusXM

radio subscribers must provide one account ID and password for each simultaneous stream that

you want to listen to on any of the audio outputs.

SiriusXM will provide additional SiriusXM Internet Radio accounts for a reduced monthly fee.

You can enter up to five (MMS·5A) or two (MMS·2) user IDs and passwords in this section.

Press Save at the top of the screen to record your changes and activate the SiriusXM service.

More information about SiriusXM can be found at

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