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Streaming Services

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Last updated: 04 Nov, 2013
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Posted: 01 Nov, 2013
by LaBollita J.
Updated: 04 Nov, 2013
by LaBollita J.

Updated: 11/1/2013
Category: Streaming Services
Products: Mirage Media Servers MMS-2, MMS-2A, MMS-5, MMS-5A 

The MMS provides access to several online music services through your Internet connection,

such as PANDORA® Internet Radio, Rhapsody®,, SiriusXM Internet Radio, Spotify

and TuneIn. 

Autonomic is constantly working with more content service providers to bring you even more

of the best Internet-delivered media in future firmware updates.

To keep your library organized, your MMS comes preloaded with software to install onto your

Mac or PC that will automatically keep your music files and playlists synchronized with your

server. This software can be downloaded from your server onto your computers once your

MMS is setup on your home network. Whenever you purchase, download or copy new content

onto your computer, the Mirage Media Sync software will automatically catalog it and send it to

your MMS server for on-demand playback.

You can also configure the MMS to stream content from your NAS device or other shared

network storage for unlimited storage capabilities.

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