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Synchronizing Multiple Mirage Media Servers

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Last updated: 04 Nov, 2013
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Posted: 04 Nov, 2013
by LaBollita J.
Updated: 04 Nov, 2013
by LaBollita J.

Updated: 11/4/2013
Category: Mirage Media Server
Products: Mirage Media Servers MMS-2, MMS-2A, MMS-5, MMS-5A 

The Content tab allows you to enter your account credentials for streaming media services and

cloud services supported by the MMS.

Using the Amazon Cloud Drive, you can synchronize all of the content and playlists of multiple

Mirage Media Servers located anywhere in the world.

Simply put the same Amazon account information into each server that you want to keep

synchronized, and select both copy options (copy to, and copy from).

MMS synchronization does not require any one unit to be designated as the master. The

server uses a sophisticated algorithm that accomplishes bidirectional synchronization with all


If you want to create a master/slave relationship between one master and one or more slaves,

you can accomplish this by enabling only the “Copy To my Amazon Cloud Account” option

on the server that you want to act as a master, and only the “Copy From my Amazon Cloud

Account” on the server you want to act as a slave.

Please note that you will not see or change the files synchronized to the Mirage Media Server’s

hard drive in the shared Music folder. These files are copied to a hidden location on the MMS

in order to maintain the integrity of the synchronization. If you want to modify these files you

must do so at the source, or on the Amazon Cloud Drive.

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