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Accessing Dealerzone

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Last updated: 04 Apr, 2017
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Posted: 04 Apr, 2017
by Narciso S.
Updated: 04 Apr, 2017
by Narciso S.

Dealer Zone web portal enables integrators to remotely manage and monitor supported Autonomic devices.  This includes allowing integrators to update devices to the latest firmware, make configuration changes, submit logs, etc.  At a glance, you can view devices across all your clients, determine their online status, review and deploy available updates, etc.

Authorized Dealers should automatically be enrolled in Dealerzone via the procurement process.  The first account created will be enabled as the account administrator.  Account administrators will be able to add additional users to the company's account and set permission levels.

To log in to the Dealerzone, navigate to:

Enter your email and password or click "Forgot password" to receive a new default password via email.  If you do not have an account setup, ask your company administrator to set you up with an account.  If you need assistance in determining your account administrator, contact our support team for assistance.

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