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Create a Playlist on the MMS Manually

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Last updated: 08 Mar, 2017
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Posted: 21 Feb, 2017
by Parra C.
Updated: 08 Mar, 2017
by Narciso S.
  1. The playlist will need to be placed in the same folder as the content it is referencing. You will be required to have the following: 
    1. A program to create playlist (e.g. VLC)
    2. An editor to edit the playlist (e.g. notepad++) 
      1. Open the folder that contains all the music you wish to turn into a playlist. Open VLC to the playlist creator. Drag and drop the music into the VLC playlist creator and save the playlist, as an m3u file, in the same folder as the music you used to create the playlist.
      2. Next, open the m3u file with notepad++.

For the sake of this example, the song "19 Iron Man.mp3" is in the NAS path: 

\\\Music\Playlists\_4_non_blondes\Iron Man.

The whole path with the track will appear in notepad++ 

\\\Music\Playlists\_4_non_blondes\Iron Man\19 Iron Man.

Highlight everything up to the last slash [\] which should be up to the first letter of the track name. \\\Music\Playlists\_4_non_blondes\Iron Man\19 Iron Man.mp3

  1. Now that the path is highlight press control H, which is "find and replace". The highlighted path should be filled in for find and for replace, leave it black. Next select replace all. Now all the tracks should not have a path and should only display its track name.
  2. If this was all done on the NAS path (and this is the same path that is configured with the MMS)  and you see your newly edited playlist in the media shared folder then you should be all set. Wait a few minutes for the server to upload the playlist and then test for functionality.
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