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Factory Resetting Mirage Amplifiers

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Last updated: 09 Dec, 2016
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Posted: 09 Dec, 2016
by Simon J.
Updated: 09 Dec, 2016
by Simon J.

Factory Resetting Mirage Amplifiers

Updated: 2016-12-09
Category: Mirage Amplifiers
Products: M400, M800, M801e, M401e, M120e 

Problem Description

I need to factory reset my amplifier.


There are two ways to factory reset a Mirage Amplifier. If your amplifier is an M800 or M801e, you can reset the amplifier on the unit's front panel.

  1. Select a zone
  2. Long press on the more button until the screen changes
  3. Select System
  4. Select Reset
  5. Select Restore Defaults

For all amplifiers, including M800 and M801e amplifiers, you can reset them to factory defaults over IP. This, of course, requires that it have an active network connection. We need to get the amplifiers full ID. If the configuration page is running, you can retreive this from the Amplifier tab. It is the value in parenthesis next to Amp ID. If you cannot access the configuration page, but can telnet into the amplifier on port 17037, then we can retreive the ID that way. In the following examples, --> indicates a command you are sending and <-- indicates a response from the amplifier.

--> 2FFF

<-- AFFF01A80102030405060708

The ID is the 4 characters after AFFF. In the example, 01A8.

Next, we send the settings reset command using the the ID. Be careful, as there is no going back after sending this command.

--> 42FF01A80355AA


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