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Network and Port Requirements for eSeries MAS

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Last updated: 10 Feb, 2017
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Posted: 12 Oct, 2016
by Narciso S.
Updated: 10 Feb, 2017
by Narciso S.

Required Settings for eSeries Mirage Audio System to enable communication between eSeries servers and eSeries amplifiers.

  • Multicast (UDP) communication is required between servers and amplifiers on
  • The necessary communication port for this UPD traffic is defined as 17089 + MAS System ID.  eSeries devices use System ID 1 by default, so Multicast (UDP) communication would occur between servers and amplifiers over port 17090. Changing the System ID to 5, for example, would require communication over port 17094.

Additional TCP Ports required: 23, 5004, 5006, 17037, 17038, 17056

See for additional information on Airplay.

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