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Set SiriusXM BitRate

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Last updated: 31 Oct, 2016
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Posted: 23 Aug, 2016
by Parra C.
Updated: 31 Oct, 2016
by Narciso S.

Sets the bitrate for the SiriusXM streaming service.  The default bitrate is 256kbps, however, it may be necessary in high latency and/or low bandwidth scenarios to reduce the bitrate used by the MMS for streaming SiriusXM music.  

Set siriusxm2 bitrate 256 (Factory Default)
Set siriusxm2 bitrate 64
Set siriusxm2 bitrate 32


Set siriusxm2 bitrate [integer]


Set siriusxm2 bitrate 64

Sets the SiriusXM bitrate to 64kbps


Get siriusxm2

This returns the current bitrate value for siriusxm2

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