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Spotify Plays a Few Seconds of a Track Then Skips to the Next Track

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Last updated: 03 Jun, 2016
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Posted: 10 May, 2016
by -- .
Updated: 03 Jun, 2016
by Narciso S.

Occasionally due to poor/intermittent network connectivity the Spotify music server may fail to retrieve the entire track. If this occurs, the MMS will advance to the next track.

One option to resolve this problem is to modify the bitrate of the incoming tracks on Spotify. This is likely to improve the download reliability.

To modify the Spotify bitrate, the following commands should be issued via telnet port 23 on the MMS :

set spotify bitrate [96,160,320]

For example to set the spotify bit rate to 96Khz the command would be:  set spotify bitrate 96.

To get the current spotify bitrate setting, send the command get spotify bitrate .

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