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Programmatically Navigate to a specific streaming service in Crestron Smart Graphics

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Last updated: 14 Apr, 2016
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Posted: 14 Apr, 2016
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Updated: 14 Apr, 2016
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The following is how to navigate to a specific streaming service using Crestron Smart Graphics within programming:

Send a Select:<ServiceName> string to the *_Config signal within the Autonomic MMS device symbol.

For example to navigate directly to the Pandora streaming service on the Main player, you would send a Select:Pandora string to the serial signal Main_Config. This will lock the home button on the Media player object to the top menu of the Pandora service. To unlock the home button  back to the root menu of the streaming service send the command Select:none. Sending a Select:favorites will also navigate to the favorites menu.

If it is desired to have the Smart Graphics browser navigate to a specific streaming service on startup use the Startup:<ServiceName> command in the same way.

There is more information on this command in the Autonomic MMS device signal help file within Crestron Simpl Windows.

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