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Configuring the MMS

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Last updated: 01 Nov, 2013
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Posted: 01 Nov, 2013
by LaBollita J.
Updated: 01 Nov, 2013
by LaBollita J.

Updated: 11/1/2013
Category: Mirage Media Server
Products: Mirage Media Servers MMS-2, MMS-2A, MMS-5, MMS-5A 

The Mirage Media Server has a built-in web server that provides for remote configuration of

the server, control system integration, and control of music playback with the Mirage player


The MMS is configured at the factory to automatically obtain a network IP address from your

DHCP server (usually your router).

Using any computer on the same network, open the MMS Remote Configuration Utility with

your Internet browser using the default configuration address for your server model:

MMS·5A: http://Mirage-1/config

MMS·2: http://MMS·2/config

On some computers (especially Macs) you will need to add the .local suffix to the end of the

server name (example: http://Mirage-1.local/config).

You can also look up the IP address of the server using the DHCP client table in your router’s

interface if necessary.

Once you have connected to the MMS configuration page, you will see several tabs for

configuring your MMS:

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