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Mirage 5.2 Firmware - Release Notes

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Last updated: 26 Jun, 2015
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Posted: 05 May, 2015
by Narciso S.
Updated: 26 Jun, 2015
by Narciso S.


·         Murfie: Initial Release


·         Crestron: Changes for Smart Graphics 3.0

·         Crestron: Changed Smart Graphics Menu ([Queue], My Music, Streaming Service 1...n)

·         Crestron: Added services for Pyng Discovery and Configuration

·         Crestron: Changed Media Player to use configured source name instead of default name


·         Airplay: Improved performance in latent wifi networks

·         Airplay: Corrected zones appearing for Airplay which should have been hidden

·         Airplay: Corrected condition causing Airplay zones to be missing from advertisement

·         Airplay: Improved logging


·         NAS: Corrected stuttering on slow performing NAS

·         NAS: Corrected tracks still appearing after NAS removed from MMS

·         USB Storage: Changed IMPORT function to copy only relevant files off the drive

Mirage Sync 

·         Mirage Sync: Added messaging for unreachable server

·         Mirage Sync: Added messaging for directory permission error

·         Mirage Sync: Improved handling when iTunes library appears empty

·         Mirage Sync: Improved handling of new MMS found at previous MMS IP address 


·         SiriusXM: Improved buffering

·         SiriusXM: Corrected playback issues on specific stations

·         SiriusXM: Improved metadata processing

·         SiriusXM: Improved login performance on startup

·         SiriusXM: Migrated to new streaming programming interface

·         SiriusXM: Changed Skip Next/Skip Previous to change stations

·         SiriusXM: Added automatic retune of station when playback is interrupted

·         SiriusXM: Improved user feedback if playback stoppage occurs

·         SiriusXM: Corrected inactivity timeout when playback started with scheduler

·         SiriusXM: Added additional logging information


·         Tidal: Added support for new account tier

·         Tidal: Corrected unplayable tracks for some albums/playlists

·         Tidal: Corrected issue with saved playlists

·         Tidal: Corrected problem adding tracks to local playlists

·         Tidal: Corrected search availability on certain control clients

·         Tidal: Added support for queueing of individual tracks from Playlists/Albums

·         Tidal: Corrected options on Queue Menu


·         Control4: Added SDDP discovery for Control4


·         Amazon: Corrected EU login redirect

·         Amazon: Corrected various sync issues


·         Deezer: Improved overall performance

·         Deezer: Added shuffle/repeat for on-demand content


·         TuneIn: Corrected initial track on presets having no metadata

·         TuneIn: Corrected seek feature to be set as disabled


·         Slacker: Added message for on-demand content on downgraded accounts

·         Slacker: Added shuffle/repeat for on-demand content

·         Slacker: Corrected condition causing timeout when replaying queued tracks


·         Spotify: Improved error handling

·         Spotify: Corrected options on Queue Menu


·         Rhapsody: Corrected playback of snapshots/playlists

·         Rhapsody: Removed Genres from My Library


·         Favorites: Corrected issue on reboot

·         Presets: Added clearing queue for presets containing no queued tracks

·         Playback: Corrected wave files which produce a loud pop at end of track

·         Scheduling: Corrected issue when deleting schedules

·         Android: Corrected mute toggle for hard zone groups on Android

·         OSD: Corrected condition causing screensaver to freeze after extended usage

·         OSD: Changed screensaver to be disabled by default

·         Queue: Added reshuffle of the queue when shuffle mode is toggled off and on

·         Queue: Added JukeBox mode option to delete tracks from queue after playback

·         Art: Corrected condition causing malformed composite art

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