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Synchronization Tool Data Error On Mac OS X

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Last updated: 08 Apr, 2015
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Posted: 07 Apr, 2015
by Simon J.
Updated: 08 Apr, 2015
by Simon J.

Synchronization Tool Data Error

Updated: 2015-04-06
Category: Synchronization Tool
Products: Mirage Media Servers MMS-2, MMS-2A, MMS-5, MMS-5A 

Problem Description

Under Mac OS X, the synchronization tool will not synchronize or save settings. An error message regarding permissions may have shown.

Possible Cause and Resolution 

This issue occurs when the user account running the synchronization tool does not have the appropriate permissions to their own home directory. This is a problem because the synchronization tool must store data and settings there. The synchronization tool will attempt to fix the problem after prompting the user.

How to Confirm Root Cause

  1. From the Desktop, select the Go menu.
  2. Under the Go menu, select Home.
  3. In the Finder window that opens, press Command-i.
  4. An info window will appear.
  5. At the bottom of the info window, there is a section call Sharing & Permissions. Expand that section.
  6. There are three permission groups: user access, group access, and everyone else.
  7. The top item in the list defines the user that owns the folder and what they are allowed to do there.
  8. If the user listed there is not the user to whom the home folder should belong, this is the problem.
  9. If the privilege listed next to the user does not say Read & Write, this is the problem.
  10. If both are wrong, both will have to be addressed.


You may be prompted for a password if you change the user or the permissions.

If the user listed is incorrect, click the + button and select the appropriate user from the presented list.

If the privileges are incorrect, click on the item in the Privilege column for the user row and select Read & Write.

Once the settings are correct, please restart the synchronization tool.

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