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MMS - Sync Tool - Media Sync Configuration

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Last updated: 28 Apr, 2015
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Posted: 17 Nov, 2014
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Updated: 28 Apr, 2015
by Narciso S.

The MMS supports syncing music from multiple iMac and Windows devices running iTunes.  

To begin syncing music to an Autonomic server, download the Autonomic Media Synchronization software from the server's Config page (under the Content tab) to the computer that contains the source music. Follow the steps as prompted in the download screen when installing.

When installed, the icon will appear in the lower right hand corner (for PC) or the top right hand corner (iMac).

To configure the Sync Software:

Open the sync software by clicking the icon and selecting open.

  1. Click the dropdown at the top.
  2. Click Add Server.
  3. Type in the server's IP Address in the popup.
  4. Click Add in the popup.

In the tab named "iTunes", check the sync option you would like to use when syncing iTunes content and select apply changes. If there is content that is not in iTunes that you would like to sync, navigate to the tab for Additional Content. You can browse to the location of the folder and once selected choose the option to apply changes. In the status tab, ensure the option to automatically sync with the server is checked.

Once configuration is complete, the sync software will synchronize the selected source locations on the computer with the server. This initial sync can take many hours to complete, depending on network speed and library size.

At any future time music which is added or deleted from iTunes or selected folders, will be reflected on the server after the next sync occurs.

If syncing an iTunes library that contains content that is iTunes protected (DRM content such as m4p files), you will need to enter the associated iTunes account on the MMS server. Navigate In the server’s config page under the content tab to the iTunes section. Enter the iTunes account information and select save changes. THIS IS ONLY NECESSARY if the MMS library contains DRM tracks. Non-DRM content will be able to play without an iTunes account configured.

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