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MMS - Supported TuneIn Stations

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Last updated: 14 Nov, 2014
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Posted: 14 Nov, 2014
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Updated: 14 Nov, 2014
by Narciso S.

The MMS supports playing most all RadioTime/TuneIn stations. The exceptions are:

1.  Stations that only support the RealPlayer format. This is rare as many of them have migrated to Windows Media format.

2.  Stations that are contractually disallowed by the provider for playback on devices. The most common example of this are the iHeartRadio stations owned by Clear Channel Communications.

To add stations not currently available on the MMS, you must determine the station's stream URL.  

Once the stream URL is determined, navigate to the Content tab of the MMS Configuration page. The section for TuneIn Radio provides a button to add additional stations.  Provide a name and station identifier for the station. Select Save to have the new station appear in TuneIn within the Local Radio section under additional stations.

Finding the station's Stream URL can be very challenging.  The general process includes:

(1) Check the radio station's website for a "listen live" type of link or alternatively, you can check other public websites for an index of stream URLs.  An example includes 

(2) Check the properties of the provided link for the stream URL.  

Most radio stations use Flash Players or obscure the URL, in which case the method above will not work.  Suggested next steps include using a sniffer such as wireshark to try to ascertain the true URL.

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