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MMS - How to Add Devices to the DealerZone

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Last updated: 29 Jul, 2015
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Posted: 14 Nov, 2014
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Updated: 29 Jul, 2015
by Narciso S.

Autonomic attempts to proactively add new devices to your DealerZone account at the time of purchase.  It may be necessary (e.g. cases such as legacy devices or customer takeovers) for you to explicitly associate an MMS with your DealerZone account.

Associating systems not already added to your Dealer Zone account can be done in three ways - (1) from the MMS configuration page or (2) using the DealerZone discovery (3) submitting log files from the MMS.

From the MMS Config Page:

1) Navigate to the Server Settings tab of the server's configuration page.  
2) Enter your DealerZone credentials in the Assigned To area to associate the device to your account.  

If the "Assigned to" option is not available, you will likely need to update the MMS firmware to the currently supported version.

From the DealerZone:

1) Log into the DealerZone from a system on the same local network as the MMS
2) Navigate to the DealerZone Device Manager
3) At the bottom of the page, review the list of additional devices reporting from your current public IP address
4) Select the device to add to take ownership.
From Logfile Submission:
If you have submitted log files from your device, we will attempt to match the device with the company identified in your support case.  This method is not immediate and not prefferable to the other methods listed above.

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