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MMS - Opening the Mirage app programmatically from Crestron

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Last updated: 31 Mar, 2015
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Posted: 14 Nov, 2014
by -- .
Updated: 31 Mar, 2015
by Simon J.

You are able to call the Mirage app via the mirage:// handler. There are a few options you can pass. The port is optional and defaults to 5004. You can also leave the MMS Instance blank as long as you include the "/" before it and the "?callback=" after it. The IP address is required. For the callback url, insert whatever handler is appropriate for the app you'd like to return to.

mirage://<ip address>:<port>/<instance>?callback=<callback url>






To switch back to the Crestron app from the MIrage app:

Crestron Mobile now has a registered URL scheme called "Crestron://"  Invoking this url on the iOS device will open Crestron Mobile if it is installed on the device.  For example, you could enter this URL in the Safari browser on the device and Crestron Mobile will open.  Also, any other application can use this URL to launch Crestron Mobile. 

To be able to navigate back to the app that launched Crestron Mobile, there is a Return to Launch App Reserved Join.  The format for the return to app string is as follows:



The link below is a builder for the top instructions. You can enter your information and then copy the URL provided to the appropriate place in your integration.

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