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MMS - Control Protocol - Browse by letter

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Last updated: 26 Dec, 2014
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Posted: 14 Nov, 2014
by -- .
Updated: 26 Dec, 2014
by Simon J.

Valid Browse-type commands for which this process will be useful are:








I'll demonstrate the syntax with the BrowseArtists command. A Browse-type command takes two arguments <start> and <count> where <start> is the index or letter at which you would like to start browsing and <count> is the number of list items you want in the returned data. For example:

BrowseArtists f 8 would return the 8 artists at the beginning of the F section. Similarly, BrowseArtists 9 8 would return 8 artists starting at the 9th artist.

Once the data is returned, the scrolling will work automatically without you doing any additional programming. The scrolling buttons and list will auto-populate internally of the module.

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