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Mac Sync Software Not Operating as Intended

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Last updated: 10 Jul, 2015
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Posted: 14 Nov, 2014
by -- .
Updated: 10 Jul, 2015
by Simon J.

When having difficulty using the Mac Sync Software, follow these troubleshooting steps:

First, open the Mac Sync Tool by selecting the sync icon in the top right hand corner. Check the version, located at the bottom of the interface. Compare this to the version on the server’s configuration page under the content section.

Unless directed by support, the client device should be running the same version available on the server.  If the computer is running an older version, download and install the new software on the client. 

You will see a little blue cloud appear at the top right of the screen near the clock which you will want to select and choose "Show" to access the software settings.

To Reinstall the Sync Software:

  1. Turn off all syncing options and exit out of the Mac Sync software.
  2. Right click or hold Control and click the sync tool icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select the option to quit.
  4. In the applications folder on the computer, run the Mac Sync installer
  5. Follow the prompt step by step until the software is reinstalled. After which you will see the blue software icon return in the top right corner.

If you receiving errors while installing the Mac Sync Software, check that the current user has full administrative permissions for that computer.

If you have recently updated to iTunes 12.2 or higher, please make sure the 'Share iTunes Library XML with other applications' box is checked in iTunes Preferences->Advanced.

If you are experiencing issues after updating and you've verified the system settings are correct, consider downloading the log files for further support.  

To download the log files, open the sync software and select the option under the advanced section. Once the log files have downloaded they will be located in a new Autonomic Controls folder within the home folder on the computer.

Please send these log files to along with a description of the issue, the Mac OS, and as much related information as possible about the issue.

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