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Autonomic iOS App - Submitting Log files for Support

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Last updated: 17 Nov, 2014
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Posted: 14 Nov, 2014
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Updated: 17 Nov, 2014
by Narciso S.

To retrieve the log files from the Autonomic iOS app, please follow these instructions:

1.  Navigate to your home screen by tapping the home button
2.  Double tap the home button to bring up the multitasking view
3.  On iOS 7, your apps will be shown in windows side by side. Swipe the Mirage app off screen to kill it. On iOS 6 and below, your apps will be listed at the bottom of the screen. Long press on the Mirage app, then tap the red minus sign to kill it.
4.  Open Settings on the iPad
5.  Select the Mirage app on the left side
6.  Toggle Logging on
7.  Reopen the Mirage app
7.  Reproduce the issue
9.  Tap the Change Server button next to the search field in the Mirage app. It looks like a computer network icon.
10. Click Upload log files at the bottom of that screen.
12. Send logs to with your SRX in the subject line. If you do not have an existing support case number, please include a detailed description of your issue, and a support case will be automaticlaly generated for you after your email is received.

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