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document KB0174 Programmatically Using Presets with Crestron Smart Graphics
There are 3 main ways to save and recall presets with the Crestron Smart Graphics using the Autonomic MMS device symbol: 1) Using the MMS control protocol When sending MMS protocol commands within the Autonomic MMS device symbol in Crestron, all protocol commands will need to be prefixed...
14 Nov, 2016 Comments: 0
document KB0177 Programmatically Navigate to a specific streaming service in Crestron Smart Graphics
The following is how to navigate to a specific streaming service using Crestron Smart Graphics within programming: Send a Select:<ServiceName> string to the *_Config signal within the Autonomic MMS device symbol. For example to navigate directly to the Pandora streaming service on...
14 Apr, 2016 Comments: 0
document KB0175 Mirage Media Server control protocol
Click blelow for the Mirage Media Server control protocol:
29 Mar, 2016 Comments: 0
document KB0156 UTF-8 Support
Multilingual Character Support on the MMS (UTF-8) Updated: 4/29/2045 Category: Control Modules Products: Mirage Media Servers MMS-2, MMS-2A, MMS-5, MMS-5A  The MMS fully supports UTF-8. Content that is synced or scanned on NAS that has non-Latin characters in its...
30 Apr, 2015 Comments: 0
document KB0123 MMS - Opening the Mirage app programmatically from Crestron
You are able to call the Mirage app via the mirage:// handler. There are a few options you can pass. The port is optional and defaults to 5004. You can also leave the MMS Instance blank as long as you include the "/" before it and the "?callback=" after it. The IP address is required. For the...
31 Mar, 2015 Comments: 0
document KB0066 How to Setup the RTI Sample Program
Updated: 01/7/2014 Category: Mirage Media Server - Control Systems and Modules Products: Mirage Media Servers  - RTI Sample Program  RTI Sample Program Guide The RTI module allows for full control over all models of the Mirage Media Server, providing two-way transport...
21 Jan, 2015 Comments: 0
document KB0117 MMS - Control Protocol - Browse by letter
Valid Browse-type commands for which this process will be useful are: BrowseAlbums BrowseArtists BrowseTitles BrowseGenres BrowsePlaylists BrowseComposers BrowseFavorites I'll demonstrate the syntax with the BrowseArtists command. A Browse-type command takes two...
26 Dec, 2014 Comments: 0
document KB0120 MMS - Crestron - On Screen Display Navigation Commands
To use onscreen navigation on an MMS, you will first need to set the instance that is being controlled, using the command SetOSDInstance followed by the instance name (Main, Player_A, Player_B, Player_C, or Player_D) For Example: SetOSDInstance Main SetOSDInstance...
26 Dec, 2014 Comments: 0
document KB0121 MMS - Crestron - Search by title
All commands should be sent to the TX$ on the TCP/IP client for the module in question with the requisite CRLF or \x0D\x0A at the end of each command. To search by track title, use the following sequence: setmusicfilter clear ClearMusicFilter Ok setmusicfilter Search="*string*" ...
26 Dec, 2014 Comments: 0
document KB0098 Control4 EV License Keys Discontinued
The Control4 license keys for the MMS Extra Vegetables Control4 Driver are not longer available. It is replaced with Autonomic's MMS Control4 Driver available free for download from the downloads section of our website. (See File:...
19 Nov, 2014 Comments: 0

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