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document KB0192 MMS-1e Front Panel Status Lights
MMS-1e units produced after 2016, include a light on the front of the chassis to indicate status.   Status lights and their specific meanings are as follows: Blue Solid Power on Amber Solid No Ethernet cable...
24 Mar, 2017
document KB0191 How to Update E-series Amplifier Firmware (M-801e, M-401e, M-120e Amplifiers)
Updated: 03/01/2017 Category: Mirage Amplifiers Products: Mirage M-801e, M-401e, M-120e Use the following procedure to update the firmware on your Mirage Audio System amplifiers - M-801e, M-401e, M-120e.  Your settings will NOT be erased.  Please leave your amps...
01 Mar, 2017
document KB0186 Network and Port Requirements for eSeries MAS
Required Settings for eSeries Mirage Audio System to enable communication between eSeries servers and eSeries amplifiers. Multicast (UDP) communication is required between servers and amplifiers on The necessary communication port for this UPD traffic is defined as...
10 Feb, 2017
document KB0188 Configuring for Wireless Networking mode
Configuring for Wireless Networking mode (Wifi) Updated: 12/16/2016 Category: Mirage Media Server, eSeries Products: Mirage Media Servers MMS-1e  Description This article describes how to enter or exit Wireless Networking mode and issues that may be...
16 Dec, 2016