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document KB0158 Update MMS Firmware via Dealer Zone
The Autonomic Dealerzone is a tool which allows management of your Autonomic devices in the field.  The management feature set includes updating MMS firmware remotely, which can be done for a single or a group of units simultaneously. These instructions assume you are a...
18 Apr, 2018 Comments: 0
document KB0193 Accessing Dealerzone
Dealer Zone web portal enables integrators to remotely manage and monitor supported Autonomic devices.  This includes allowing integrators to update devices to the latest firmware, make configuration changes, submit logs, etc.  At a glance, you can view devices across all your clients,...
04 Apr, 2017 Comments: 0
document KB0124 MMS - How to Add Devices to the DealerZone
Autonomic attempts to proactively add new devices to your DealerZone account at the time of purchase.  It may be necessary (e.g. cases such as legacy devices or customer takeovers) for you to explicitly associate an MMS with your DealerZone account. Associating systems...
29 Jul, 2015 Comments: 0