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document KB0112 MAS Quick Start Guide
For help getting started with our Mirage Audio System, review the Quick Start Guide available on our website.
17 Nov, 2014
document KB0129 MMS - Music/Pictures Shares
The MMS includes a two shared folders. (1) A "Pictures" share for photos By default, the Pictures share includes sample photos which may be removed if desired.  (2) A "Music" share for music files. The Music share can be used to copy content without the use of our...
14 Nov, 2014
document KB0130 MMS - Playlist - Creating a playlist on the servers WebUI
Below are the steps to create a playlist, through the MMS Web UI. TO SELECT INDIVIDUAL TRACKS AND ADD THEM TO PLAYLIST(S) 1) Starting from the Web UI, select the desired track and select Add to Playlist.  You will be prompted to add them to an existing Playlist or select Add Playlist...
14 Nov, 2014
document KB0131 MMS - Supported TuneIn Stations
The MMS supports playing most all RadioTime/TuneIn stations. The exceptions are: 1.  Stations that only support the RealPlayer format. This is rare as many of them have migrated to Windows Media format. 2.  Stations that are contractually disallowed by the provider...
14 Nov, 2014
document KB0133 MMS - Safe Restart Procedure
If you do have to restart an MMS, it is very important that you do not remove power or press and hold the power button. If you need to restart the server, select from one of the three options listed below: 1. Press and release the power button.  After about a minute the system...
14 Nov, 2014
document KB0134 MMS - Login to Spotify with Your Facebook login
In order to login with a Spotify account created via Facebook, one must create a username and password for devices. If you login to, select 'Edit Your Profile', and then Set Up A Username for Devices, you should be able to use that username and password combo on the MMS. ...
14 Nov, 2014
document KB0135 MMS - Spotify 'User is banned' Message
When using Spotify, the message 'User is banned'  may be received as a result of (1) an account being suspended or (2) the account not being a 'Premium' account. Spotify requires all accounts used on third party devices to be 'Premium' subscription level accounts. If you have an...
14 Nov, 2014
document KB0079 How to FTP files to Support
Our support team may ask you to submit files via our public FTP site. Instructions for this are as follows: We recomment using an FTP client like Filezilla rather than using a browser. Host: Username and password will be provided by our support...
05 Nov, 2014

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