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document KB0098 Control4 EV License Keys Discontinued
The Control4 license keys for the MMS Extra Vegetables Control4 Driver are not longer available. It is replaced with Autonomic's MMS Control4 Driver available free for download from the downloads section of our website. (See File:...
19 Nov, 2014
document KB0137 MMS2 - Adjusting Fan Speed
Please follow these steps for adjusting the fan speed of the MMS2. Also, please note that it is not recomended to go below a fan speed setting of 80. 1.  Power the server off and and connect a keyboard and monitor 2.  Power up the server and start tapping the DELETE key.  A...
18 Nov, 2014
document KB0085 Android Application - How to Get logs
To send log files from your Android device, follow these steps. Reproduce the issue. Use a file manager like Astro ( or ES File Explorer ( to...
17 Nov, 2014
document KB0101 Autonomic iOS App - Submitting Log files for Support
To retrieve the log files from the Autonomic iOS app, please follow these instructions: 1.  Navigate to your home screen by tapping the home button 2.  Double tap the home button to bring up the multitasking view 3.  On iOS 7, your apps will be shown in windows side by side....
17 Nov, 2014
document KB0100 Enabling Telnet in Windows Vista/7/8
Telnet access to an MMS may be necessary in order to manage the device.  Telnet is not enabled by default in Windows Vista/7/8. To enable it, follow the instructions below: 1. Open Windows Control Panel 2. Open the "Programs" panel group 3. Select "Turn Windows features on or...
17 Nov, 2014
document KB0083 Airplay Tips
High quality lossless audio transfer requires a network with sufficient bandwidth and low latency.  In order to have the best possible experience using the Airplay feature, a well performing Wi-Fi network is essential.   If the response times on the network are...
17 Nov, 2014
document KB0082 Airplay Across VLAN's and Subnets
Special settings may need to be added to your router to allow Airplay discovery and streaming across different VLAN's and subnets.  The routes listed below need to be configured: From WiFi (iOS) to the LAN (MMS) Destination port TCP port 700 UDP ports 1 through 65535 ...
17 Nov, 2014
document KB0126 MMS - Submitting Log files to Support
When a MMS is experiencing issues, log files can be instrumental in diagnosing the underlying problem.  Autonomic support will commonly request log files to be submitted for their review. Logs usually contain the last several days of activity, but the amount of history...
17 Nov, 2014
document KB0144 MMS - AirPlay - How To Configure
The MMS-2, MMS-2A, MMS-5 and MMS-5A support AirPlay. For the best experience, we recommend updating to the latest available firmware on your MMS.  You can update the firmware either through the server's configuration page or via the DealerZone.   To enable Airplay: ...
17 Nov, 2014
document KB0127 MMS - Recommended IP and DNS Settings
Problems such as occassional lose of browsing, streaming services, and/or your MMS dropping off line, may be the result of the DHCP or DNS settings on your MMS.   We recommend using a static IP address on your MMS.  This may either be configured...
17 Nov, 2014

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