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document KB0124 MMS - How to Add Devices to the DealerZone
Autonomic attempts to proactively add new devices to your DealerZone account at the time of purchase.  It may be necessary (e.g. cases such as legacy devices or customer takeovers) for you to explicitly associate an MMS with your DealerZone account. Associating systems...
29 Jul, 2015
document KB0111 Mac Sync Software Not Operating as Intended
When having difficulty using the Mac Sync Software, follow these troubleshooting steps: First, open the Mac Sync Tool by selecting the sync icon in the top right hand corner. Check the version, located at the bottom of the interface. Compare this to the version on the server’s...
10 Jul, 2015
document KB0132 MMS - Reset to DHCP
Updated: 11/14/2014 Products: MMS-2, MMS-5A  If you have set up the MMS for a static IP address and can no longer connect to the configuration web page, you can use this utility to change the LAN settings from a static IP (manual configuration) back to...
09 Jul, 2015
document KB0157 Mirage 5.2 Firmware - Release Notes
Murfie ·         Murfie: Initial Release Crestron ·         Crestron: Changes for Smart Graphics 3.0 ·         Crestron: Changed...
26 Jun, 2015
document KB0136 MMS - Sync Tool - Media Sync Configuration
The MMS supports syncing music from multiple iMac and Windows devices running iTunes.   To begin syncing music to an Autonomic server, download the Autonomic Media Synchronization software from the server's Config page (under the Content tab) to the computer that contains the source music....
28 Apr, 2015
document KB0154 Murfie Login Problem with Complex Passwords
As of this notice, Murfie does support complex passwords when used through our Mirage integration.  If your account credentials fail authentication with the Mirage Media Server it may be because your password contains non-alphanumeric (special) characters.   The Murfie website...
21 Apr, 2015
document KB0123 MMS - Opening the Mirage app programmatically from Crestron
You are able to call the Mirage app via the mirage:// handler. There are a few options you can pass. The port is optional and defaults to 5004. You can also leave the MMS Instance blank as long as you include the "/" before it and the "?callback=" after it. The IP address is required. For the...
31 Mar, 2015
document KB0117 MMS - Control Protocol - Browse by letter
Valid Browse-type commands for which this process will be useful are: BrowseAlbums BrowseArtists BrowseTitles BrowseGenres BrowsePlaylists BrowseComposers BrowseFavorites I'll demonstrate the syntax with the BrowseArtists command. A Browse-type command takes two...
26 Dec, 2014
document KB0120 MMS - Crestron - On Screen Display Navigation Commands
To use onscreen navigation on an MMS, you will first need to set the instance that is being controlled, using the command SetOSDInstance followed by the instance name (Main, Player_A, Player_B, Player_C, or Player_D) For Example: SetOSDInstance Main SetOSDInstance...
26 Dec, 2014
document KB0121 MMS - Crestron - Search by title
All commands should be sent to the TX$ on the TCP/IP client for the module in question with the requisite CRLF or \x0D\x0A at the end of each command. To search by track title, use the following sequence: setmusicfilter clear ClearMusicFilter Ok setmusicfilter Search="*string*" ...
26 Dec, 2014

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