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document KB0161 Mirage Amplifier Doorbell Preset Wiring
Both the M-400 and M-800 series amplifiers offer a doorbell feature. With this feature a preset doorbell sound can be played out of a select group of zones or all the zones in the system by triggered contact closure. The type of doorbell sound, volume level and zones will be configured under the...
17 Apr, 2018
document KB0193 Accessing Dealerzone
Dealer Zone web portal enables integrators to remotely manage and monitor supported Autonomic devices.  This includes allowing integrators to update devices to the latest firmware, make configuration changes, submit logs, etc.  At a glance, you can view devices across all your clients,...
04 Apr, 2017
document KB0128 MMS - Firmware update
In order to apply a Firmware update (including a hotfix) to the MMS, you may either (1) Log in to the DealerZone and search for your device.  If online and running a supported firmware, you will be able to update the firmware online.  Expand the device arrow and select...
29 Mar, 2017
document KB0164 Using the MMS in Low Bandwidth/High Latency Environments
Using the MMS in Low Bandwidth / High Latency Environments Updated: 2015-09-23 Category: Streaming Services Products: Mirage Media Servers Problem Description An MMS installed in environments with low bandwidth and/or high latency environments (such as a yacht)...
15 Mar, 2017
document KB0125 MMS - Firmware update via USB
If an internet connection is not available to the MMS, this process can be used to update the firmware of any Mirage Media Server using a USB flash drive. 1. Download and save this...
15 Mar, 2017
document KB0186 Network and Port Requirements for eSeries MAS
Required Settings for eSeries Mirage Audio System to enable communication between eSeries servers and eSeries amplifiers. Multicast (UDP) communication is required between servers and amplifiers on The necessary communication port for this UPD traffic is defined as...
10 Feb, 2017
document KB0180 Spotify Plays a Few Seconds of a Track Then Skips to the Next Track
Occasionally due to poor/intermittent network connectivity the Spotify music server may fail to retrieve the entire track. If this occurs, the MMS will advance to the next track. One option to resolve this problem is to modify the bitrate of the incoming tracks on Spotify. This is likely to...
03 Jun, 2016
document KB0179 MMS Recommended Bandwidth
We do not have published minimum bandwidth requirements as needs are different from customer to customer and service to service.   For typical home networks (where high speed service is relatively cheap and available) 10-20Mbps is a fair target for...
05 May, 2016
document KB0176 Determining the IP address of an Mirage Media Server via USB
If you have set up the MMS where you can not deturmin the IP address, you can use this utility to white the LAN IP settings to a USB thumb drive.  - Download and save this file: - Place the file in the...
05 Apr, 2016
document KB0162 Disable Gracenote
Displays or sets the value for the Gracenote feature.  Gracenote is enabled by default to augment music metadata.  It may be necessary in high latency and/or low bandwidth scenarios to disable this feature.   Syntax EnableGraceNote [boolean arg1] ...
14 Dec, 2015

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