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Migrate Data from ReQuest to MMS
document KB0155 ReQuest Fixer Utility
ReQuest wav files which are copied to the MMS may exhibit an audible noise at the end of each .wav track when played through the MMS.   This issue occurs because the ReQuest .wav files are incorrectly formatted and do not adhere to the wav file specification.  We have created a...
22 Apr, 2015 Comments: 0
document KB0077 Transfer Music from NonFunctioning ReQuest to MMS
If the ReQuest system is not functioning, these instructions may be used to attempt to transfer the music from the physical hard drive to the MMS.   If your ReQuest system is functional, you DO NOT need to use these instructions and instead may use a simple file copy from ReQuest to...
22 Apr, 2015 Comments: 0